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Patgen is a little command-line utility that allows creating SNNS and it’s successor JavaNNS pattern files. These are very complete and open source Neural Networks softwares developed at University of Tubingen.

Pattern files are fundamental to train your own neural networks; the SNNS pattern file, in particular, has a ".pat" extension and it is a very simple textfile including input and desired output data. An overview of how a pattern file is organized can be found at this page.

“Patgen” utility allows creating a SNNS patten file from two tab-delimited text files, one containing inputs, and other containing output values. The usage is also very simple:

patgen "input data file" "output data file"

The name of the resulting pattern file will be "myPattern.pat".

This utility is available for both Windows and Linux/Unix-like platforms and it is also completely free for personal use in the terms described in the enclosed “readme.txt” file.

The Patgen source code can be requested to ASIAA Lab simply mailing to or

and it can't be redistributed without informing ASIAA Lab.

The compressed archive contains the full version of Patgen and the "readme.txt" file containing this text and license informations.

Download Patgen for Windows / Patgen for Linux

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