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Tools and softwares

CVS - Concurrent Versions System. Using it, you can record the history of documents and sources files.

CVSNT - A good ''traditional'' command-line CVS client/server for Windows environment

ESRI - The home page of Environmental Systems Research Institute, the world leading GIS software, developer of ArcInfo and ArcGis.

Fedora updates - Download Fedora core 4 updates for different platforms

GDF Hannover - GDF Hannover provides GIS RPM packages for several operating systems and distributions

GRASS - Official GRASS GIS Homepage, the World Leading Free GIS Software

GRASS binaries - Precompiled binaries and installation script for an easy installation of GRASS

Hawth's Analysis Tools - A collection of free tools for ArcMap also useful for archaeological applications

Latexearcheologia - Contains web links related to Latex and Archaeology

Linux - The most famous, open source and totally free operating system

MySQL - Website of one of the most used database management systems

PostgreSQL - Official website of the most advanced open source, object-relational, database management system

Real Software - Realbasic, a nice and easy development platform that can compile for Windows, Mac and Unix environments

S.A.U. - Spatial Analysis Utilities: a free and user-friendly software for point pattern analyses developed by Giancarlo Macchi (ASIAA Lab)

SNNS - The Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator, an efficient and flexible environment for research on and application of neural nets - Lot of Opensource projects in this large code repository

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