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Welcome to the ASIAA lab

The ASIAA lab is a research unit within the CCGBA: Bachelor Degree in Archaeology at the University of Siena at Grosseto. The Laboratory was established in 2003, and its fundamental mission is the development and use of digital techniques for “archaeological data” manipulation, and analysis.

The laboratory is mainly engaged in the field of Spatial Analysis applied to the study of Historical Settlement Patterns. Specially, quantitative studies had been carried out in the study of the structure of the settlement pattern of fortified medieval villages in Tuscany.

We are also active on the field of information architecture, statistics, database and G.I.S. development. One of our main research areas is the application of Fuzzy Logic and AI methods, like Artificial Neural Networks or Genetic Algorithms, into the archaeological research process. The laboratory is also strongly committed on the use and implementation of Open Source solution: mostly Linux, database clusters, Artificial Neural Networks and programming languages.

The ASIAA lab is also responsible for the development of S.A.U. (Spatial Analysis Utilities) and other applications like ArcANN (plug-in for the integration of SNNS in the ESRI ArcGis environment).

CCGBA building, GrossetoThe lab offers space for undergraduate students from the CCGBA to conduct their research and development activities. At the moment, the ASIAA lab is composed by 14 members, which, in addition to their ordinary tuition, offer voluntarily a large amount of time to development and research activities.

The unit is coordinated by Professor Riccardo Francovich (Medieval Archaeology at the University of Siena) and supervised by Doctor Giancarlo Macchi.

Contact Information

ASIAA lab, Via Vinzaglio 27
Università degli Studi di Siena
58100, Grosseto (GR), Italy

phone: +39-0564-441208, +39-0564-441233
fax: +39-0564-441203

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