[31 March 2010]
The laboratory

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[20 February 2014]
News and Events

Februrary 2014
February, Tuesday 25th: Siena, college S. Chiara, seminar on ArcGis on-line resources
March 14th-15th: Grosseto, ex-GIL, seminar with Dr. Armin Volkmann of the University of Heidelberg about sustainability of human communities, climate changes, GIS approach.
May 10th-16th: Grosseto, ex-GIL, International Summer School “Predictivity in Archaeology”.
June 11th-12th: seminar with Prof. Isabelle Catteddu, INRAP, about early medieval villages [...]

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[27 November 2013]

Simone Moretti

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[7 November 2013]

Ivan Bececco